St Anastasia Island Burgas
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St Anastasia Island

Address: 99, Burgas, Bulgaria
Mobile: 0882 / 00 41 24
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Monday - Sunday
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St Anastasia Island is located in the Burgas Bay in the Black Sea. It is a volcanic rock island, 12 meters high, and its area is almost 9 decres. Between 1959 and 1990 it was known as Bolshevik Island. It is surrounded by mystery and there are hundreds of legends and stories about treasures and sea pirates.

Nature has created three rock formations that impress tourists: Dragon, petrified ship and beautiful Gate, which transmits sunlight, like a golden path.

In 2001, the island of St Anastasia was declared an archaeological reserve. After extensive research for its rich and ancient history, evidence found during excavation of antiquities from 5-6 century.

Today the island near Burgas is a tourist attraction. Two boats daily lead tourists to St Anastasia. The trip is about 30 minutes and the stay is 2 hours.