Port Burgas
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Port Burgas

Attraction type: Transport points
Address: 1 "Kniaz Al. Batenberg" Str., Burgas
Phone: +359 56 822 222 / +359 56 822 111
Fax: +359 56 822 156
Email: headoffice@port-burgas.com

Port of Burgas is the biggest port in Bulgaria – it is divided into 4 terminals. It is built on 18 may 1903 and since this moment the port is considered as open for commercial shipping.

At the opening, the port represents a pool of 60 hectares, 3 quay walls with total length of 590 m and depths of 24 feet.

Since 1963, three miles south of the main port, near park “Rosenets” started working the terminal for oil and petroleum products.

Harbor “West” enters into exploitation in 1980, which is specialized for processing multi-ton ships carrying ferrous metals.

Port of Burgas plays a vital role to the existence and activities along the path of Trans- European Transport Corridor № 8 (as shown on map). Тhe extension of this route in east direction is also well-known as TRACECA (Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia). Due to its strategic location, Port of Burgas could be considered as a main connection between Europe and Middle Asia.

100-Year Celebration

On 18 May 2003 was the ceremony of the 100-year anniversary of the port establishment. A new port’s logo was placed on the East breakwater’s head.